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Couture Medical Fitness - Sacramento Personal Training & Weight Loss Clinic - provides personal fitness training and nutrition counseling for weight loss & weight management in a private East Sacramento studio. Our master personal trainer, Julienne Tarrer, holds a Master of Science in Kinesiology and is an NSCA certified personal trainer. She was formerly a personal trainer with Fitness Together and now trains at Couture Fitness one-to-one, with exercise partners, or in group fitness sessions emphasizing flexibility, endurance, and strength training. Couture Fitness also provides medical personal fitness services in Sacramento for patients with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, cardiovascular, sub-acute rehabilitation, and geriatric patients. Our individualized private one-on-one personal training and nutritional counseling helps you achieve results and lose weight in a healthy manner. For personal fitness, health, and weight loss information please contact us: phone 916-744-1090 / fax 916-452-2880. The Couture Medical Fitness Personal Training and Weight Loss Clinic is located at 5120 J Street; Sacramento, CA 95819, adjacent to chiropractic, plastic surgery, and rehabilitation offices.

"Personal Training & Nutritional Counseling Made to Fit You!"
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